Custom Orders

FAQ: Can I order some­thing???
Answer: YES!!!

To place a cus­tom order, you may either use the “Con­tact Us” form located in the upper right hand cor­ner of this site, or you may send an email directly to:

Please let us know in your email what you are look­ing for and include any ref­er­ence images if applic­a­ble. If you have a dead­line and/or a spe­cific bud­get you need to stay within, please let us know that too! We will get back to you asap with a quote so we can get your order started.

Please note that cost can vary greatly by cos­tume and how many pieces you need. The more infor­ma­tion you send me, the more accu­rate your quote can be!

You may also visit Daisy Viktoria’s modern/fantasy-inspired fash­ion and corset shop here:

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